Dark Disney: The True Stories Behind Popular Disney Animated Films

Disney likes to take classic fairy tales and turn them into fun animated films that the whole family can enjoy. A lot of these stories have very dark origins; some of Disney's earlier animated films are dark enough as is, but they could have gone a helluva lot darker! Screen Rant put together a list of seven creepy and deranged stories that inspired some of our favorite Disney films:

Anyone who grew up with Disney movies knows that they can get pretty dark, from Mufasa getting trampled to death in The Lion King to Quasimodo's mother being brutally killed in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Still, many of Disney's animated classics have had to soften or remove the more gruesome or depressing aspects of the fairy tales that they were based on.

You might already know about some of these, but the video is still worth checking out. 

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