DARKWING DUCK Is Making a Comeback in Disney's DUCKTALES Series

For all you ‘90s kids who grew up with Disney shows like DuckTales and Darkwing Duck in your life, you’ll be happy to learn that Darkwing Duck is making a comeback and will appear in an upcoming episode of DuckTales titled “The Duck Knight Returns!”

Darkwing Duck was my jam when I was a kid! He was easily one of my favorite Disney characters. Probably because he reminded me of those classic noir comic book characters like Batman, The Shadow, and The Spirit.

According to EW, Jim Cummings, who voiced the titular character on the ’90s cartoon, will reprise his role of actor Jim Starling, a.k.a. Darkwing Duck. Director Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) plays visionary film director Alistair Boorswan, and real-life Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones voices a security guard named Tad.

Stones had this to say in a statement:

“I’m a giant fan of the new DuckTales series and am super excited that they are building a universe that connects new versions of the Disney Afternoon shows, including Darkwing Duck. Matt and Frank took me through their ideas for Darkwing’s presence in DuckTales and I am thrilled that they are keeping the heart of the character while building an even richer backstory. Darkwing couldn’t be in better hands.”

There’s a good chance that this could lead to a Darkwing Duck spinoff series, which would be really cool. The new DuckTales series is actually really well-made, and I’d be fine if that same creative team made a Darkwing Duck series as well.

You can watch a clip below featuring Scrooge (David Tennant) trying to partner up with Alistair to develop a possible Darkwing Duck reboot, which super-fan Launchpad McQuack (Beck Bennett) is very excited about.

“The Duck Knight Returns!” premieres this Friday on Disney Channel and the Disney Now app.

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