Darth Vader-Inspired Lightsaber Spatula

I actually really do need to get myself a new spatula. I might as well make it a Star Wars-inspired one based on the design of Darth Vader’s lightsaber. There's nothing better than flipping pancakes and burgers than with the power of the dark side. The spatula is available at ThinkGeek for only $15. Here’s the description they offer:

In times of peace, your favorite Star Wars fan can use this Lightsaber Spatula for cooking things up on the dark side. But remember to wield this deadly weapon with care. It's been known to remove a hand (or two)! 
Whether you are making some chocolate cookies for your little Wookiees or some dark, sticky cinnamon buns for your warrior princess, this metal spatula is the perfect tool. The handle is designed after Darth Vader's personal lightsaber and the spatula features a laser-cut Star Wars logo. Basically it's flippin' perfect.
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