Darth Vader Jumpsuit

GearStar Warsby Eli Reyes

“You don’t know the power of the Jumpsuit… I mean um, THE DAAARK SIIIDE! Yeah, that sounds more evil. Let’s go with that.”

This is the perfect jumpsuit for future sleepover parties where you and your buddies can rewatch the original Star Wars trilogy before the release of Episode VII. Grown men have sleepover parties, right? No? Ok, then it’s the perfect outfit for camping out in line for the release of the upcoming sequel. My plan is to wear breakaway pants over the jumpsuit, and when someone asks why my hoodie is tucked into my pants I’ll rip my pants off and then cut their hand off. 

The jumpsuit is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester — so it’s as breezy as a Jedi robe and is as slippery as a Sith lord. The jumpsuit will run you between $59.74 – $75.00 from Amazon.

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