Dave Bautista Officially Joins GEARS 5 as a Playable Character

As you know, Dave Bautista has been campaigning for the role of Marcus in the upcoming Gears of War movie. While that may still be aways off, Bautista is going to see some Gears of War action in Gears 5!

The actor announced in a video he posted on Twitter that he is being introduced to the bloody video game franchise as a playable character. Yes, you will get to play as Dave Bautista, and he will be dropping in on the game on September 15th.

In the video, you see the actor all decked out on the signature armor of the soldiers in the Gears of War franchise as he says, “It’s about fucking time.”

There are no other details given, but with Bautista getting his foot in the door like this with the Gears of War franchise, there’s a good chance that he could also end up starring in the movie, which I know that fans would love to see.

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