David Ayer Is Set to Reteam With Margot Robbie for GOTHAM CITY SIRENS

Earlier this year we learned that Margot Robbie was developing a female DC villains movie with Warner Bros. in which she would reprise her Suicide Squad role as Harley Quinn. Well, the project just took a huge step forward as Suicide Squad director David Ayer has stepped in to helm the film which is currently going by the title Gotham City Sirens

Gotham City Sirens is the title of a DC Comics series that centers around Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. I imagine those three characters will be involved with whatever story Ayer and Robbie are setting out to tell. I'm a huge fan of all three of those characters, and it would be incredibly awesome to see them come together on the big screen.

The current script for the film is being written Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who is also writing the script for the upcoming Tomb Raider remake as well as the script for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes 3.

I'm excited that Ayer ended up taking on the directing gig! I loved what he did with Suicide Squad. Regardless of its problems, it was an insanely fun movie, and if he can bring that kind of fun to Gotham City Sirens with a solid story then hopefully they'll deliver something that the fans will enjoy.

What do you all think about Ayer and Robbie teaming up again for this new DC movie? 

Source: Variety

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