David Fincher and Brad Pitt's WORLD WAR Z 2 Starts Production Next Summer

Yes, the long-awaited World War Z sequel is still going to happen. David Fincher (Zodiac, Fight Club) is officially set to direct the film and Brad Pitt will return to reprise his role.

Regardless of the production problems surrounding the first film, it actually turned out really good! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and with Fincher directing the sequel I’m even more stoked about World War Z 2! He’s one of my favorite directors and I can’t wait to see what he does with this next chapter of the story!

We’ve now learned that Fincher will start shooting the sequel next summer! Producer Dede Gardner recently confirmed:

“We're starting to shoot in June.”

That’s exciting news for fans of the first film! We don’t know much about the story that the sequel will tell, but a previous report has said that "Fincher was looking to make the film about a man and his family navigating a zombie apocalypse."

Fincher hasn’t directed a feature film since Gone Girl. He has most recently turned his attention to television with Netflix’s Mindhunter

As you know, this also won't be the first time Fincher and Pitt have worked together on a project, World War Z 2 would mark their fourth film together, having previously worked on Se7en, Fight Club, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Are you excited to see what David Fincher ends up doing with World War Z 2?

Source: CinemaBlend

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