David Fincher Directed Hot, Romantic GAP Ads

GAP is embracing the gospel of Normcore, and they’ve decided that David Fincher is the man to sell it to the masses. Fincher has directed four commercials for the brand, and they are basically fantastic. I am packing up all my interesting and stylish clothes as we speak, and embracing a wardrobe of gap pants, plain Ts, and Birkenstocks.* It’s really fun for fans of the director (so, not Tyler Perry) to see his light, whimsical side that we never knew was there. I kind of wish these were early clips from a new movie. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite. I find it hard to choose.

*Okay, I already wear some of these things. Maybe all of them. I am a Normcore queen. Bow before me.

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