David Fincher in Talks to Direct Brad Pitt in WORLD WAR Z Sequel

After all of the issues that plagued the first World War Z film directed by Marc Forster, it actually ended out turning out really good! I enjoyed the film and it made enough money at the box office for Paramount Pictures to want to make a sequel.

Director J.A. Bayona (The Orphanage, The Impossible) was originally attached to direct the sequel, but he recently dropped out. It looked like the project was dead, but producer and star Brad Pitt is still 100% invested in the project and he's currently trying to get David Fincher to come in and direct the sequel, which would be INCREDIBLE! 

Pitt and Fincher have worked together on Seven, Fight Club, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. They obviously enjoy working together and if Pitt is actually able to get Fincher on board to direct World War Z 2, we can expect to see one hell of a great zombie movie! 

Pitt and the studio have already had meetings with Fincher, but there's no word on if this is a project he is actually going to take on. Inside sources say that Fincher is surprisingly open to the idea, though. 

If Fincher wants to do this movie, his schedule is wide open because he currently doesn't have any other film projects in the pipeline that we know of. The last film that Fincher directed was Gone Girl, which I thought was fantastic.

Fincher is one of my favorite directors and I would love to see him take the gig. It would be great to see what he would do in this genre. 

Source: THR

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