David Fincher's HBO Series VIDEOSYNCRAZY Stops Production, May Not Move Forward

Fans of director David Fincher were excited about seeing his new HBO series, formerly called Video Synchronicity and recently retitled Videosyncrazy, but there's some bad news. According to Deadline, the show has halted production, and there's a chance it might not move forward at all.

The series was set in 1983 and followed a director with big ambitions to make a sci-fi feature film but who ended up directing music videos instead (sound familiar?). Production was midway through the fourth or fifth episode when HBO saw the completed first episodes and decided to press the pause button on the show. While there's a possibility it might be canceled altogether (apparently some cast members have been told it's not continuing), Deadline's reporter is hearing that Fincher has asked for some time to look at the cuts and see if he can tweak the overall direction of the show.

Sounds like a lot of hearsay, and since nothing is confirmed at this point, it's tough to know exactly what's going on behind the scenes. Still, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised if this show is eventually scrapped altogether. Meanwhile, Fincher still has a US remake of the British series Utopia in the works at HBO.