David Harbour Says The STRANGER THINGS Ending Has Been Decided and That Season 3 is Specific To 1985

Netflix and the Stranger Things creative team are wrapping up production on the highly anticipated third season of the supernatural sci-fi series. The fans are looking forward to seeing what’s in store for our favorite characters and where it will lead them as the series continues.

The Duffer Bros. know exactly where the show is headed and according to David Harbour, they already know how the story is going to come to an end. While talking to CNET to talk about his work on Stranger Things, Harbour says:

"I feel very proud of that because we're not going to get sort of lost in our story and leave these strands. We're going to tie things up.”

Harbour went on to liken the story arc of Stranger Things to Star Wars, saying:

"Like Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi have an arc to them; I think Stranger Things, be it season 4 or season 5, has an arc to it that I understand."

The talk of the story arc here tells me that the ending of the series has been decided. We don’t know for sure how many seasons that Stranger Things will get before it wraps everything up, but we’ve heard that the creative team is pushing for five total.

In previous interview with Deadline that I missed, Harbour also talked about Season 3 saying it’s “definitely going to yet darker still, places that I think audiences are going to really love." He went on to explain that it’s specific to 1985:

“If you’re a real fan of Stranger Things and you really want to know, I would go look at the great films that were released in ’85, of which there were many, and just go down that list and think of the possibilities that we could be going with.”

"I think it is a specific season to 1985, and so you’ll see references to that. We’re experimenting a lot this season, and we’re taking risks, and I hope that they pay off but they are risks. We’re going into territories we’ve never been to before, and it’s exciting."

So, I guess we should start watching all the great classic films from 1985! We don’t know when the series will return, but I can’t wait!

How do you think the series will come to an end? Do you think the core group of friends will survive their journey together?

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