David Harbour Uses Twitter to Go Dance with The Penguins in Antarctica

David Harbour is no stranger to the power of social media. Social media has led to him taking senior pictures with a fan. It has also led to him agreeing to officiate another fan’s wedding. Both of those events had the condition of reaching X number of retweets. Harbour decided to try to use this strategy to get something that he wanted: to go dance with penguins in Antarctica. He tweeted Greenpeace to see if they would help him fulfill this dream. Their response:

Needless to say, Harbour rallied the Internet to help him reach this goal, and it only needed a few hours after he posted his plea:

The Stranger Things and Hellboy star finally got to fulfill his dream the other day and posted this video of him doing the sweet dance moves he showed us in Stranger Things season 2. Although this was a fun trip for him, it wasn’t entirely selfish. Harbour used this as an opportunity to help promote Protect The Antarctic which aims to keep the Antarctic as the largest protected area in the world. You can go sign the petition whose goal is 1.8 million signatures and then go below to watch those sweet dance moves.

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