David Hasselhoff Is Pissed Off at Patrick Wilson in Clip from STRETCH

Director Joe Carnahan (A-Team, Smokin' Aces) has released a few more clips from his next wild and crazy looking film Stretch. The movie was recently acquired by Universal Pictures, but there is no release date for it yet. 

The movie stars Patrick Wilson (Insidious) as "a down-on-his-luck chauffeur looking to relieve his debt by driving around a mysterious billionaire who drags him to hell and back." 

In the amusing clip directly below, Wilson has an encounter with David Hasselhoff, and in the hilarious exchange of dialogue the Hoff calls him a "punk ass motherfucker," and he then proceeds to hassle him for being late. 

I've included three other clips as well featuring odd and fun footage from the movie, which also stars Chris Pine, Brooklyn Decker, Ed Helms, and Jessica Alba. I love how insane this movie looks and I'm really excited to see it, especially after watching these clips.