David Lynch Shooting More TWIN PEAKS Footage

I assume anyone that is clicking through to read this article has seen Twin Peaks. If not, you should watch it, because it's one of the craziest, most awesome TV series that has ever been made! I just found out that Twin Peaks creator and director David Lynch is going to shoot some new footage for it! 

In the finale episode of the series, Laura Palmer tells Special Agent Dale Cooper that she will see him again in 25 years. The series was set in 1989 although it aired in 1990 and 1991. So from the time the series takes place to 2014 makes it exactly 25 years. 

There's no word on what Lynch plans on shooting, but he's definitely shooting something Twin Peaks related. A casting call has gone out, and this is what it says,

TWIN PEAKS PROMO. Directed by David Lynch. Shoots in Los Angeles on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. Prob a 6 hour or less day. Rate is 150/8. You must live in LA to submit. I don’t think SAG has jurisdiction on this, so SAG and NON can submit. I have called SAG to double check this and I am awaiting a call back to confirm.

HOT Caucasian girl – BRUNETTE OR REDHEADS ONLY to play waitress. Age 18-27. MUST have an amazing body. Busty, very period looking face. Please submit two current color photos (one body shot, one face shot), your sizes, union status and contact info to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com.

I imagine this is just going to be something for the upcoming Blu-ray release, but it's still cool, especially if you're a fan of the series.

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