David Lynch Teases That More TWIN PEAKS "Is Calling" For an Unresolved Storyline

For those of you Twin Peaks fans that are hoping to see more, it sounds like David Lynch is thinking about diving back into the uneasy paranormal mystery. The last season that he developed was so freakin' good and it seems there's still an unresolved storyline that he would like to explore. During a recent Q&A, the filmmaker said that it's calling him.

When asked by a fan if he would want to continue the story of Carrie Page, which is a character in the third season of Twin Peaks, Lynch responded with, "It is calling, but there are a lot of disturbances."

That's the kind of answer that we should expect from Lynch. It certainly sounds like we could get more Twin Peaks, but I imagine if we did, it wouldn't happen anytime soon. It may be calling Lynch, but hopefully, at some point, he'll get around to telling the story that he's got brewing in that crazy mind of his. 

Would you like to see another season of Twin Peaks? Or do you think Lynch should just be done with it, leave good enough alone, and move on?

Personally, I'd love to see him go back into that dark and insane world and see what else he could pull out of it.

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