David Tennant and Matt Smith Both Open to Returning to DOCTOR WHO

In a dream meet up, both Matt Smith and David Tennant attended a Doctor Who panel at Wizard World NYC and expressed their interest in returning to the series! Outer Places says both said they would be up for a return to the franchise, although not full time. Smith was the first to speak up...

"I really want to!"

Smith then went on to talk about how it would be cool if 9 and 10 could have a 6 episode run each or something like that, but only if Peter Capaldi was okay with it. Tennant said that either of the two returning is definite, the only question is how or when...

"It's one of those things where I don't think you could ever go back to it full time...but there's almost a built in invitation to come back."

With Doctor Who on a one-year hiatus, it would've been cool to see a couple one off's on holidays to keep the show in the mind of fans, I think! I don't imagine we'll be hearing anything about the show's fate until late this year unfortunately. I'm not opposed to Tennant and Smith making a return, but I would like to see Capaldi take the reins once more with the level of writing they were blessed with.

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