DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES: Gary Oldman, Matt Reeves, Andy Serkis, and Keri Russell — Wondercon Panel

Dawn of The Planet of The Apes director Matt Reeves and stars Gary Oldman, Andy Serkis, and Keri Russell were at WonderCon this year. They presented a lot of footage that's better than anything we've seen in the trailer. The effects are improved, but I also think the story of human and ape survivors trying to coexist (or not) is more interesting than Rise of The Planet of the Apes.

There is maybe a 2min scene with an ape and 2 humans that is full of so much tension that I was just squirming in my seat because I didn't know what going to happen next. The tone of Dawn is not just darker, but also more grounded, and the stakes for ape and mankind have never been higher.

After the footage — which, sadly we can't show you, Reeves talked about the story and how he became part of the project, Serkis shared that Ceasar is a more challenging role than Gollum, and Oldman and Russell spoke about how they were cast and the characters they play.

Dawn looks to improve and amplify the best parts of Rise. This movie could make you love and fear apes in the same way the very first Planet of the Apes did.

Dawn of The Planet of The Apes will club you to death emotionally on May 23rd (USA).

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