Dax Shepard Developing CHiPS Movie for Warner Bros.

Dax Shepard is set to develop a big screen adaptation of the classic motorcycle cop series CHiPS. He will write, star, and direct the movie, which will also co-star Michael Pena (End of Watch). Like the TV series, the movie will revolve around two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers. 

Shepard will play Jon Baker, the "by-the-book officer" played by Larry Wilcox in the TV show. Pena is set to play Frank Poncherello, Baker's "wild partner," who was played by Erik Estrada.

CHiPS was such a cool show to watch, and always managed to entertain. It ran on NBC from 1977 to 1983 with 139 episodes. Fans of the series might be happy to know that creator Rick Rosner will be an executive producer on the series. 

This has the potential to be fun movie if it's done right. But, I've never been a fan of Shepard or his work. The guy was just never funny to me, so I'm not expecting much. Phil Lord and Chris Miller managed to do some hilarious stuff with 21 and 22 Jump Street so we know it's possible for these kinds of TV to film adaptations to be successful. Shepard isn't Lord or Miller though. 

Source: Deadline

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