DC Animation Director Jay Oliva Says Ben Affleck's THE BATMAN Script Was The Best Batman Script He's Ever Read


For those of you looking for a little insight into what Ben Affleck was planning for The Batman, we have some interesting new information for you today. That info comes from Jay Oliva who has directed several of the DC animated film projects like The Dark Knight Returns. He also worked with director Zack Snyder on the storyboard art for the DCEU films. The guy certainly has some insight into what is going on at the studio, and apparently, he loved the script that Ben Affleck wrote for The Batman

There was a conversation on Twitter in which a fan/blogger came out and said that Affleck never had a story for The Batman; he said:

"Affleck never had a story -- that's the core problem. It was doomed the moment he signed on to play Batman because EVERYONE expected the great BA, director of ARGO, to write/direct a Batman film and it would be a masterpiece. You gotta have a story and passion for it, he didn't."

That's when Oliva chimed in and set the record straight, saying:

"The original Affleck script was the best Batman script I’ve ever read. Ben had a kick ass story and I believe that the audience and fans would have loved it."

That statement is sure to capture the attention of the fans! Regardless, Affleck ended up dropping out of the project as the director, and the studio hired Matt Reeves to come in and start from scratch. 

We'll probably never know what exactly Ben Affleck was planning for his Batman film, but for someone like Oliva to come out and say it was the best Batman script that he's ever read... that's pretty crazy. I would have liked to see what Affleck was planning, but I'm still excited about the film Reeves is developing. 


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