DC Animation Seems To Be Developing an R-Rated Animated WATCHMEN Film

It looks like Warner Bros. is going to be developing another adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' The Watchmen, except this time it will be an animated film. It's also said that the Watchmen film will be rated R and that it could be the first in a new series of more mature animated films from DC Animation based on various DC properties,

The new originated at Filmbuff, and it apparently leaked out in an online marketing survey that shows the studio is looking to gauge interest in an animated Watchmen feature. The top line of the survey question describes the film as “upcoming.”

Some of the other titles mentioned in the survey include Moore’s classic 1980s run on Swamp Thing; Batman's A Death In The Family; Batman: The Long Halloween and the series Gotham Academy. They also include Superman's ElseWorlds story Red Sun; and the video game-inspired Injustice. As far as the  DC’s Vertigo line goes there was Fables, Lucifer, Hellblazer, Preacher, and Sandman.

I hope this is all true! I'd love to see all of these get animated adaptations. DC has certainly found success with their animated film projects. They are currently doing a lot better than Marvel is in that aspect right now. 

As many of you already know, Watchmen wouldn't be the first R-rated animated film that Warner Bros. has released. Their adaptation of The Killing Joke was slapped with that rating. It was met with a lot of mixed reviews, though. The R-rated comic book movie trend is in high swing right now with the success of Deadpool and Logan. It's not the R-rating that makes a film great, though. It all comes down to the story. If they show respect to the source material and tell a solid story, you can't lose no matter what the rating is.

I hope we do see an animated Watchman film! I loved what Zack Snyder did with his film and there was talk of a Watchmen TV series possibly being developed at HBO, but I guess that never panned out.  

What do you all think about an animated adaptation of Watchmen and some of the other titles that were mentioned? Are there any other animated adaptations that you'd like to see?

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