The DC Film Adaptation of Jack Kirby's THE NEW GODS Will Be Written by Comic Book Writer Tom King

DC Entertainment and director Ava DuVernay‘s feature film adaptation of Jack Kirby’s comic book series The New Gods has found a writer to co-write the film. That writer is Eisner Award-Winning comic book writer and ex-CIA officer Tom King.

Kirby created the New Gods comic in 1971 after he left Marvel. It is also a freestanding universe that is not really connected to the rest of the DC universe. This whole thing became known as the Fourth World.

The property is a sci-fi based mythology that revolves around ancient deities known as the New Gods. "Similar to the gods of Earth lore, the New Gods were larger than life, possessing fantastic powers, which they used in a never-ending struggle between good and evil."

The New Gods focuses on twin alien planets, the idyllic New Genesis and the hellish Apokolips, ruled by equally powerful but morally opposite leaders. New Genesis is ruled by the benevolent Highfather, and Apokolips by the despot Darkseid. The comics have depicted Darkseid’s efforts to destabilize the fragile peace between the worlds as part of his scheme to eliminate free will from the universe.

King is currently working on DC Comic’s Batman, and now he is a great choice to help DuVernay develop a solid script for The New Gods. King also worked on DC’s Mister Miracle which is a character connected to The New Gods. “Mister Miracle is the son of the Highfather but was raised on Apokolips under the terms of a treaty with New Genesis. Subjected to years of torture and abuse by Darkseid’s cruel henchwoman Granny Goodness, Scott eventually rebelled and with the help of Big Barda, an Apokolips soldier working to overthrow Darkseid, he escaped to Earth.”

I love Jack Kirby’s comic book work, and I really hope that this creative team will properly bring his vision and story to life on the big screen.

Source: The Wrap

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