DC Superheroes Height Comparison Chart

We've previously posted a Marvel superhero height comparison chart, but now we have one for the DC superheroes from Costume Collection. It was created by Ming Malaykham, and it's interesting to see all of these characters being sized up with each other. I thought it was interesting that Batgirl is the same height as Wolverine. 

The chart was accompanied by the following commentary:

By thoroughly researching the DC Wikia database and other sources, we’ve been able to accurately compare 21 different superheros on an infographic hand-drawn in the classic comic book style. And yes, Superman IS taller than Batman. By one inch.
With the upcoming release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Justice League, you can get even more of an insight into the true physicality of these DC Comics superheroes. Some of them might surprise you!
Robin, for instance, is only 4’6” and still in his teens. Our representation of Robin is the latest revision of the character and Bruce Wayne’s biological son, Damian. The first Robin, Dick Grayson, eventually becomes the vigilante superhero Nightwing after outgrowing his status as Batman’s side-kick.
And who would have thought any female superhero could be taller than Wonder Woman? Those alien genetics inherited by Starfire must be good for producing tall and powerful heroines.
Regardless of what height they really are, there’s nothing stopping you from walking in the shoes of your favourite DC superhero.
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