DC UNIVERSE ONLINE: War of the Light Begins

WaroftheLightPt1 copy.jpg

Ever since DC Universe Online added the green and yellow green slingers to the mix I've been hoping the extended corps would make their way in as well. Turns out later this year I will get my wish, as Sony and DC are introducing the Red Corps (i.e.Rage) in part one of their War of the Light DLC. You can peep the trailer below, and it's fine if you do, I won't be offended.

Ha! Just kidding, I'm offended. Anyway, pretty sweet, right? If you want to get a closer look at how the red light powers work, scroll down a bit to catch a developer walkthrough on the corp that likes to vomit blood everywhere. They also have a cat among their members, but that's kind of cool so no points off for that one.

The DLC is also bringing in some of the other corps, including the favorite of yours truly, the Hope corps, and from the screens the first to enlist will be Saint Walker and Barry Allen. For those who remember Blackest Night, Barry ended up with a blue ring during the series, and he makes his return to the blue duds here. Also included are some co-op operations, which will include some new locales, namely Mogo and Ranx. One is a sentient planet, the other a sentient city.

Sentences like that last one are the reason I love comics so darn much. This does not excuse the cosmic treadmill however, as that's just lame.

Alright, soapbox over. The developers are also making some changes to the way loot drops and where some of the more elite armor is available at, so if you're a current player of DCUO or have taken a break from the MMO, than this might just be something worth coming back for. 

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