DC's SWAMP THING Series Was Supposed to Run 3 Seasons and Lead to a JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARK Spinoff

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing only aired one episode before the show ended up being cancelled. All ten episodes of Season 1 will be released and available to watch on the streaming service. But unfortunately, the story won’t continue beyond that.

One thing is for sure, the series has been well received by fans and critics. It’s an awesome series so far, so it’s a shame that the best thing DC Universe has to offer right now has already come to an end. That wasn’t the original plan, though!

This series was supposed to be a big success for the streaming service and the cancellation shocked everyone involved. Producer James Wan doesn’t even understand what happened. He shared his thoughts on the matter:

Thanks to a report from Business Insider, we’ve learned what the creative team was planning for the series. It would have gone for three seasons, which would lead to a Justice League: Dark spinoff series!

One source close to the production told Business Insider that the show had a possible three-season arc, and the feeling on set was that it could have gone past that if it was a hit, with characters spinning off into their own shows. The source used the specific example of a potential Justice League Dark team-up series.

That information comes from a producer on the series who wouldn’t reveal his name. It’s a shame that this full vision wasn’t able to be carried out.

There have been reports that the series was canceled do to budget and tax rebate issues with North Carolina, but according to the source, WB was perfectly clear on how much the show was going to cost and how much North Carolina was going to give in tax rebates. So, the mystery behind its cancellation lingers on.

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