DC's THE FLASH Will Reportedly Start Production in November

It looks like Warner Bros. is finally ready to move forward with DC’s The Flash movie. According to a new report from GWW, they are looking to start production in November of the 2019.

Ezra Miller is set to star in the movie and teased that it would feature “a speedster multiverse”. As of right now, there are two scripts being written for the movie. One with a fun lighter tone by director’s John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Game Night) and one with a darker tone that is being written by Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison.

Miller isn’t a fan of what Daley and Goldstein are doing with their script so he is doing his own thing. After the scripts are turned in Warner bros. will then decide how they want to proceed. Depending on the decision, Miller could end up dropping out of the project, which will likely delay the film.

I like the style of Daley and Goldstein and I think that they will end up delivering a cool Flash movie that fans will enjoy. There are no story or plot details, but the movie will act as a solo standalone film that will not be held back by any connections to any other films in the DC Universe.

Hopefully, the movie presses forward and doesn’t see any more delays. I’d actually really like to see this movie get made sooner rather than later.

What do you want or hope to see from this upcoming Flash movie?

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