DEADPOOL 2 Is Now the Highest Grossing X-Men Film of All Time

Movie Deadpool 2Marvel by Joey Paur

Deadpool 2 recently made its big debut in China and with that came a lot more box-office cash! According to Deadline, the China release pushed this movie to $784 million worldwide, making it “the highest-grossing film in the X-Men franchise.”

That’s a pretty impressive feat! The previous record was held by the the first Deadpool movie. To think, Fox could’ve been enjoying the financial and critical success of the Deadpool franchise for years had they actually seen what it could be all those years ago when Ryan Reynolds was pushing it.

Now Disney will get to enjoy the success of the franchise when they officially get the rights back to the character and all of the other mutant characters that Fox has had the rights to.

Hopefully, when Disney comes on board, they will continue to let Reynolds and his creative team keep doing what they’re doing.

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