DEADPOOL 2 Rumor - Kyle Chandler and Mackenzie Davis Reportedly Wanted For Cable and Domino

It’s already been revealed that Cable will be in Deadpool 2 and it’s been speculated that Domino would also make an appearance. Fans have eagerly been waiting to see who exactly 20th Century Fox and director Tim Miller would cast in the role of Cable. There have been a lot of names thrown around for the role and a lot of fan art. Some of those names include Jon Hamm, Stephen Lang, Dolph Lundrgren, and Ron Perlman. We’ve now finally learned the names of two actors who might actually be up for the role of Cable and Domino. 

On a new episode of Meet The Movie Press, the reliable Jeff Snider says that Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights, Bloodline) and Mackenzie Davis (The Martian) are wanted for the parts. He said:

"People were talking about Cable from Deadpool 2. There's been a name floating around for Cable for months, hasn't changed, don't know if it's changed. Didn't make any calls about this. This was just the name that has been out there for months. So take this with a gigantic grain of salt. The biggest grain of salt your tiny little brain can imagine. The name that is floating around for Cable right now is Kyle Chandler… The name for Domino, who is said to be the scene-stealer of the movie, is Mackenzie Davis." 

I’m a huge fan of Chandler and he seems like a surprising choice for Cable. I never thought of him as being a potential actor to take on the role, but now that it’s been put out in the world, I love the idea of him the character. I think he’d be great! When previously talking about the kind of actor they would need to play Deadpool, screenwriter Rhett Reese said:

“Strength, gravitas, a purposefulness that Deadpool doesn’t have. Deadpool’s kind of got ADD, and we think of Cable as someone who locks onto something and is going to get that thing solved no matter what.”

The also said they were looking for someone “physically imposing”, which doesn’t seem to fit Kyle Chandler, but I assume that they’ll have him bulk up of the film if they actually did end up casting him. 

As for Davis taking on the role of Domino, I’m totally on board with that. She seems like a talented enough and quirky actress to pull off the witty mercenary character. I’m happy to hear that Domino is actually going to be included in the film. This is the first time I’ve heard her the character involvement with the sequel outside of speculation. 

What do you all think about Kyle Chandler and Mackenzie Davis possibly taking on these roles?

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