Deadpool and Hugh Jackman Are Hanging Out in Bed in This Amusing Video Clip

A fun little video clip has surfaced featuring Deadpool and Hugh Jackman hanging out in bed together. In the clip, Jackman is wishing someone a happy birthday and as he does this Deadpool is singing the classic song "Tomorrow" from the Broadway musical Annie. As you'd imagine, it's kind of annoying Jackman.

This was shot during a little promotional video that they shot for CinemaCon that screened during the Fox presentation. It was actually pretty damn hilarious as they used it as a way to crack jokes on the whole Disney buying Fox thing. You can actually see the Mickey Mouse ears in the background of this video. And what you don't see here is that there's a guy dressed up as Pluto the Dog who gets up from the other side of the bed after what looked to be one hell of a wild night. 

Anyway, enjoy the video, which also features a few other promo spots that you may or may not have seen.

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