DEADPOOL - Comic-Con Footage Reaction and Description

Bring on the Chimichangas! Deadpool rocked Comic-Con's Hall H with a major cast presence, many F-words, and in my opinion, the best damn panel at SDCC! Seriously, though, could we expect any less? Hell no, its Deadpool. It was the fans who twisted the arms of the Fox executives, Ryan Reynolds, who said he would do it for free as long as they didn't sew his mouth shut, and Tim Miller, first-time director who has so far made every Deadpool fan extremely happy. Hell, the footage screened got a standing ovation from 6,500 people!

The trailer for this film blew me away! It doesn’t explode in everybody’s face right out the gate. Instead, we actually get a piece of Deadpool's backstory. That's right, they went right for the feels. From there we got nothing but the Merc with a Mouth, and trust me, there is no shutting him up this time. Then the trailer goes straight into what we have all been waiting to see, the test footage that got this all started brought to life in full quality movie form, and it was beautiful. It all starts with Deadpool saying, “Daddy needs to express some rage." After watching some serious kung fu and gunplay, we get an awesome full shot of Colossus and his Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and they both look absolutely awesome!

The trailer then jumps into random awesome action including some fight scenes with the main bad guy Ajax, who was extremely cool. Then we get a shot of Stan Lee's cameo in a strip club. That's right, the cameo is revealed in the preview. Finally at the end we get TJ Miller, and he is hilarious! He is Weasel, even in Silicon Valley. He makes some funny yet vulgar jokes regarding Deadpool's ugly, messed-up appearance, like, “You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado.” The final shot in the trailer consisted of Deadpool inhaling the smoke from his guns through his nose, blowing it out with his mouth, and then saying, "Ahhh, I'm touching myself tonight."

I'm a huge Deadpool comic book fan, and I seriously can't wait for this movie. We are going to get the hard R-rated film we wanted! So let's all go see this movie at least four times and prove to the studios that they can make successful rated R superhero movies!

The movie comes out in theaters on February 12th, 2016.

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