DEADPOOL Confirmed to Have 2 Post-Credits Scenes

Movie Deadpool by Joey Paur

Last week, Fox held several press screenings for the new Deadpool film coming out this week, and since then we've seen lots of positive reviews of the movie from Deadpool fans (And the occasional negative review). 

Apparently, the press didn't get the full movie going experience, though! They were only shown one post-credits sequence, but it has recently been confirmed that there are actually two! The second scene will only be attached to the theatrical cut of the film.

The news first came from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, who posted the following comment on Twitter.

Deadpool director Tim Miller called the post-credits scenes "codas," which Is a term I've never heard before in regards to these post-credits scenes. One of the film's co-writers also confirmed the news on his Twitter feed, saying:

So there you go! Make sure to stick around after the credits to watch even more Deadpool greatness!

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