Deadpool Director Teases How Far The Merc Will Break The Fourth Wall

I'm sure the entire Deadpool movie experience will be a trip, but nothing will throw viewers for a loop more than the hero's constant dialogue with the audience throughout the course of the film. Sure, breaking the fourth wall has been done in plenty films, but director Tim Miller tells Empire that no film has reached quite the level of "meta" this one will...

“Does he know he’s a comic book character in a comic book movie? Does he know that Ryan Reynolds is playing him, and that Ryan Reynolds also played Green Lantern? It’s a big rabbit hole, and we explore it pretty deep,”

Miller also went on to add that it will be DEADPOOL doing all this and the film really won't begin to get weird until Wade Wilson makes the transformation. That's comforting to know. Miller is really going out of his way to assure fans that he is staying 100% true to the character we know in the comics. It gives me faith that this film will be every bit as awesome as promised!

Deadpool is coming February 16th...which is a little over a month away!

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