Deadpool Gets His Diaper Changed in Funny DEADPOOL 2: SUPER DUPER CUT Promo Video


Deadpool returns with his little baby legs in a new promo spot for the Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut, which comes out on Blu-ray today. In the video we see Deadpool start to get his diaper changed by a half-awake dad stumbling in the room of his crying kid. Those baby legs are hilariously disturbing. This is a gag that Ryan Reynolds joked about regretting at Comic-Con back in July.

"The baby legs were shown to me the week of the release of the film. That week we had to block-out photos and I have a little girl and I kept saying, ‘make my legs look like those,’ and then when I saw it, I immediately regretted all of it."

Reynolds also talked about how he was worried that the Motion Picture Association of America, wouldn't let the gag fly:

"I was worried that you saw some baby balls in there, and we would get rejected by the MPAA. So I was prepared to go to their office — because you can argue your case — but I was going to tell them those were my balls."

Enjoy the silly Deadpool promo below!

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