Dear ARROW, Quit Making Oliver Such a Jealous Horn Dog!


Dear Arrow/Show Writers/Stephen Amell,

You guys have one of the best superhero shows I've ever seen. Keep up the good work. You guys are making a damn good show that finds an awesome balance between fan service, new material, and mainstream appeal. All that said, I almost raged out while watching "Blast Radius" this week.

The tension between Felicity and Oliver at the end? It's completely unnecessary and ridiculous. I'll admit it was cute when we first met Felicity and her constant unintentional sexual innuendo made things awkward, but I was hoping it would stop there. Now all the sudden Barry Allen is in the picture and Oliver is all down on her and getting crappy because she was checking up on a guy she liked that is in a coma?! It's the jealous alpha male s*** that really got under my skin in the first season when he was all up in Tommy and Laurel's business.

A quick glance through the episode guides shows that if you include Laurel,s lawyer friend (first season) and the Queen in the Royal Flush Gang, you have ten female characters who have been involved in the story thus far in the series. Oliver has slept with six of those ten. Laurel, Sara (Black Canary), Shado (we only saw the ocean scene but Slade's face said it all), Huntress, the random cop he dated for awhile, and the board member of this company. TWO of those ten are Moira and Thea Queen so when we really get down to it Oliver has slept with 3/4 of the show's characters, and with Malcolm Merlin's revelation earlier this season, he could be gunning for Thea next!

Is that too gross? I certainly think so, but given Oliver's love of creating drama in relationships and horn dog attitude, the show makes it plausible! We all know that Stephen Amell is an attractive man. I get self-conscious every episode he takes his shirt off. I also know that a playboy billionaire is going to pull a lot of ladies, but there's something to be said about being an unattainable object.

If Oliver Queen wasn't taking every woman in the show to the bone zone, I think it would legitimately make him more attractive to audiences. His attitude towards women would be a bit less douchey, and I think we would all like him a lot more as a person. This isn't to say Oliver can't have a relationship, but rather one that has deep meaning and not a hot love spell that lasts for an episode and a half and then cycles back to square one until it happens again. 

I love you Oliver, but don't go near my woman.