DELIA'S DOPPELGANGER DILEMMA is a D&D Adventure for Any Party

Delia’s Doppelganger Dilemma is a fan-made D&D Adventurers League adventure from Matthew Moyer designed for any group of adventurers. There are details included to fit any level party which is amazing and not something you see every day.

The adventure itself looks really good and one thing I’m loving about Moyer’s adventures is that the stories have some very unique elements to them. Also, I love that he thinks of common PC questions and does his best to provide answers the NPCs would give. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal too much for fear of spoiling things for players, but here’s the logline:

Emma, the young daughter of the wizard Delia, has been kidnapped. The kidnapper was quite odd, however, as she looked like a battle-hardened version of Delia herself! Who is this mysterious warrior, why does she look like Delia, and why has she kidnapped Emma?

You can purchase Delia’s Doppelganger Dilemma from DMs Guild for whatever price you see fit.

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