DESTINATION FANTASTIC Starts a Kickstarter Campaign to Finish Funding Episode 1

Dungeons & Dragons continues to blow up, and thanks to social media and the internet, fans have some personalities to interact with in the community. Some of the biggest personalities are the team from Critical Role, but they’re not the only ones. Another big name in the community is Satine Phoenix. Phoenix has teamed up with Dwarven Forge founder and owner Stefan Pokorny (another pretty big name in the community) to create a cool new series called Destination Fantastic.

Destination Fantastic see Phoenix and Pokorny traveling to Iceland to explore where parts of myths and legends and fantasy actually come from. It sounds like a really cool series, but they need help. Iceland is planned to simply be the first episode in the series, and while it’s mostly done, they need a bit more money to finish post-production, mixing, etc. That’s why the Destination Fantastic team has set up a Kickstarter. They’re looking to raise $100,000 to finish the first episode. The rewards range from a simple “thank you” to visiting the Destination Fantastic set (minus travel).

Each episode follows Satine and Stefan on a journey they explore all things fantastical: castles, dungeons, labyrinths, mythological creatures, folklore, fantasy games, sacred grounds, art, literature, and history. Along the way, celebrities, experts and fanatics will help showcase the history of each episode’s enchanted location as the Dungeon Masters uncover the root of legends and myths, and learn what has inspired storytelling since the beginning of civilization.

In addition, as I’ve mentioned before, Iceland is only the first episode. If the team is able to raise enough money to reach their stretch goals, more episodes will be added with the hopes of creating a 10-episode series. The first stretch goal is $500,000 which will get the show a second episode that explores New Zealand. Do you want to watch Destination Fantastic?

Photos courtesy of Destination Fantastic.

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