Details on How Peter Parker Might Fit Into Sony's VENOM Film

About a month ago, a rumor broke that Tom Holland's Peter Parker is going to appear in Sony Pictures' solo Venom film with Tom Hardy. There were no details on how the character would fit into the story, but Screen Rant seems to have some insight on how he might fit into the story if he's actually going to be in the film.

We have heard from a source with knowledge of the production that a scene was filmed inside the Atlanta building which doubled as the Life Foundation featured Riz Ahmed’s character, Carlton Drake, leading a field trip. While our source did not see or have knowledge of Tom Holland being on set that day, it is worth noting that the filming took place on private property, making it very difficult for anyone outside of the cast and crew to have access to the set to capture pictures or video.
Of course this film is set to take place in San Francisco, not New York, so it wouldn’t be just a trip down the road for Parker and his classmates; however, we’ve already seen them on a road trip to Washington D.C. in Homecoming and there are rumors that the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming may partially take place on European soil, so it’s not entirely outside of the realm of possibilities that students from the Midtown School of Science and Technology could find themselves on a visit to the Life Foundation.

That certainly sounds plausible. I really do hope that Peter Parker does end up making an appearance in the film, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Producer Amy Pascal have both said that these Spider-verse Sony films are not connected to the MCU. It was previously said:

The bottom line is Venom will exist in Sony's Marvel Universe, without Spider-Man, while latter wallcrawler operates within the same world as the Avengers, completely independently from what Sony does with the rest of the Marvel properties.

But maybe that's just being said to throw us off! I guess we'll find out when Venom is released on October 5th, 2018.

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