Details on Luke Skywalker's Appearance and Rey's Training in STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII

Obviously, if you don't want anything spoiled for Star Wars: Episode VIII you probably want to skip this post. However, if you're interested in learning some details on Luke Skywalker's appearance in the new film and a few bit of information regarding Rey's training with Luke, then by all means... read on.

The following information originated at Making Star Wars, which has had a very strong track record of getting solid news from the Star Wars films. Here's how they describe the costume:

Luke Skywalker wears a darker costume compared to what we saw in The Force Awakens. This costume is more evocative of his Return of the Jedi clothes in cut and color. His undertunic reminds me of Count Dooku but his very dark grey cape drops over the top of his shoulders and chest like a shawl. This leaves his right arm free but half of his chest covered by the cape. It’s almost similar to the asymmetrical cut of Captain Phasma’s cape, but more like a shawl in the way it cover his chest.
The cool part I kept for this write-up is that Luke’s black glove from Return of the Jedi is back on his hand. Luke Skywalker’s tunic is cut the same as Dooku’s but the “skirt” part of the tunic appears to be little closer to the knees than Dooku’s was. The shawl aspect of the cape hangs to the left so he can still fight with his right hand as it drapes to the left.

They go on to offer a piece of art that they had drawn up from a scene in which Luke is training Rey in this outfit. They reveal that Luke doesn't have a lightsaber and that he is instead holding a "thin spear, thin walking stick or a piece of junk." They aren't sure, but it's definitely not a lightsaber. In fact, it seems like there's a chance that Luke won't even use a lightsaber in the film. The costume they have described doesn't have a belt or anything to hold a lightsaber. The site says there has been "contention as to if Luke ever actually uses one in this film."

The report explains that Luke is more like "Yoda on Dagobah in terms of style," and the costume he is wearing is filthy and just gets dirtier as the story plays out. And like Luke was with Yoda, Rey is rumored to be very frustrated with Luke’s teachings while she's being trained. 

We've never really seen Luke teach anyone before, so seeing him teach Rey how to harness the power of the Force and should be cool and interesting. 

There's been a good amount of rumors reported on Star Wars: Episode VIII, and you can read through all of that stuff here if you're interested. 

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