Details on The Real Reason Why Danny Boyle in No Longer Directing BOND 25

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Yesterday, the producers of Bond 25 announced that Danny Boyle would no longer be directing the film. It was explained that he left due to creative differences. Thanks to a new report, we now know what those creative differences were. 

There have been rumors that the producers of the film were alleged unhappy with the decision to focus on contemporary political tensions with Russia and a "modern-day Cold War". But according to The Telegraph, "the split was due to a fall out over whether to cast Tomasz Kot as the lead villain." He was described as "a 'left-field' decision for a Bond enemy."

The report goes on to explain that Daniel Craig has a big say in all of the casting decisions and that "none of the Bond girls have been chosen without his say so." So it seems like Craig and Boyle ended up clashing over the casting of the villain in the film. So it's all an ego thing.

Boyle was totally on board with the concept of bringing a modern-day Cold War story to the James Bond franchise, but it's the whole casting thing that got in the way. 

If this is true, it's a shame that Boyle ended up being let go over a little casting dispute with Craig. Craig is obviously the guy in charge over the production. EON Productions is now said to be scrambling to find a director to replace Boyle. 

It's highly likely the scheduled release date of October 25th, 2019 will be pushed back if they can't find a director soon. 

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