Details Revealed For Marvel's New CABLE Comic Series

I've always viewed Cable as a kind of time traveling Wolverine. He's gruff and stoic, always has his own thing going on, and is usually involved in something that none of the X-Men have any idea about. Now Cable is getting his own comic series once again that is a part of the new ResurrXion line of comics, and some might say it's about... "time".

Dumb jokes aside, this new series will have Cable going through many different times. Not just coming back to our timeline to fix the one he came from. James Robinson is set to write with Carlos Pacheco to illustrate. About the story, Robinson had a lot to say:

"One of the things about Cable is he's a 'time warrior.' Time travel is part of his make-up in almost every aspect of his history - no pun intended. This series will be Cable on a race against time to fix time. The reason Cable must take on this quest will reveal itself as the story and mystery unfolds, but he's doing it for the sake of the Marvel universe, which will fall apart if he doesn't take action. And in the course of Cable's mission, we'll see him in a lot of great time periods like 15th century Japan, WWI, the Stone Age, Victorian England, and on and on, all with those time periods made more crazy and sci-fi by time being fractured by the villain of our series."

This sounds so AWESOME! I've always loved a good time travel story, and while Marvel has done it in the past with characters like Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four going in time to steal BlackBeard's treasure, or Wolverine going back in time to kill Hank Pym, what sets this apart in my mind is that Cable will be getting to really explore different histories and settings. I look forward to seeing if he dresses the part to fit in or if he'll go full 90's kid's wet dream with HUGE guns and ripped clothes. 

Robinson also says that the villain of the series is going to be new. I think that Marvel has gotten so used to re-using the main few villains that a new villain will be a great choice. Of the villain, Robinson mentioned he's a technocrat named Conquest who has worked out how to manipulate the butterfly effect to perfect his own future. 

It's great to see Marvel doing something bigger with Cable again. I've gotten used to Cable leading secret teams, but seeing him on his own again could be a great thing for him.

Via: Newsarama

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