DETECTIVE PIKACHU Villain and Spin-Off May Have Been Revealed

There are a couple of new rumors going around regarding Detective Pikachu. First, people are claiming they know who the villain is, and second, there are claims that there is already a spin-off in the works. If you don’t want to hear any rumors about this movie, why did you even click on this article?

We’ll talk about the rumors in order. That means that we’re going to talk about the potential villain first. According to We Got This Covered, the villain will be a human controlling Mewtwo. So, probably Giovanni. Haven’t we already seen this movie sans a Sherlock Pikachu? The source says that the film will actually tell the origin of Mewtwo and “the movie is actually said to be very much his story.”

The second rumor has to do with a potential spin-off which will star, you guessed it, Mewtwo! We Got This Covered claims their sources are confirming a Mewtwo spin-off is already being looked at by Warner Bros.

I am going to call bull on both of these rumors. If the first rumor is true, it’s less a Detective Pikachu adaptation and more of a Pokemon: The First Movie adaptation. I guess it’s possible that Mewtwo will be the villain, but the idea that it’s going to be his story and tells his origin is either lazy storytelling, or just not true. For the second rumor, I think they should first make sure that audiences like the first film. What do you think of these rumors?

Detective Pikachu is set to premiere on May 10, 2019.

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