Detonate Your Wednesday With 30 Minute Supercut of Explosions From Schwarzenegger Movies

Arnold Schwarzenegger is 68 years old, and he's still churning out action movies like a man half his age. He was arguably the biggest action star in the world in his prime, and as such, he's caused a veritable shit ton of cinematic explosions. This awesome thirty minute (!) video from Schwarzenegger's own YouTube channel breaks down pretty much every explosion from Arnie's filmography through 2014, and even time stamps them by announcing how far into each movie it takes to get to the first explosion. Here's the text that appears at the end of the video explaining the criteria:

This has been a supercut of every on-screen explosion, from every film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, through 2014. Explosions were counted frame by frame based on every instance of an actual explosion. This includes repeated explosions, as well as explosions within explosions. Explosions that continued through an edit were only counted once. An honest attempt was made to count every explosion based on these rules. In some cases, an educated guess was made.

Via: Sploid

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