DEVIL MAY CRY is Officially Coming to Nintendo Switch this Summer


Here’s some news I wasn’t expecting. Capcom recently took to Twitter to announce that the original Devil May Cry was going to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The only detail we have is “this Summer,” but I’m sure we’ll learn more before launch, probably at E3 next month. Some fans are confused as to why the original trilogy isn’t being brought over and my guess is that the whole trilogy will make its way over, in time.

This announcement does have me wondering something. Could Dante be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? I know he’s been a fan pick for a while and the Smash team hasn’t said anything about any of the DLC fighters outside of Joker who was released last month. We already have a few playable fighters, stages, and assist trophies from Capcom games included, so why not add another?

Are you excited to play Devil May Cry on the go? I want to give it another try and maybe actually get past the first boss this time. What do you think of Dante joining Smash Bros.?

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