Did Joss Whedon Take a Secret Jab at JUSTICE LEAGUE in the Opening Credits?

While Joss Whedon took over for Zack Snyder on Justice League, he didn't get a credit as co-director, but he was named as a writer alongside Chris Terrio, for his part in re-writing those reshoots (as well as directing them).

It does seem a little strange that even though he was so involved with the film, Whedon never shared so much as a Tweet in support of the movie or offered a single interview about his part in the production. Whedon did, however, "like" a series of Tweets that bashed the movie, specifically the villain Steppenwolf, which is something that upset a lot of fans.

Now there is a theory making the rounds on the internet that Whedon is even trolling Justice League on the screen of the movie itself. The speculation claims that during Justice League's opening credits, when Terrio and Whedon's names come up you can see a homeless man on the street and the scene immediately following features a sign he's holding that reads, "I tried." Some fans believe this was a message of sorts from Whedon suggesting he tried (and failed) to save the movie.

It is also possible that this doesn't mean anything and is merely a coincidence. What do you think?

Via: CBM

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