Will Luke Skywalker Rise Up in The Force and Fulfill His True Destiny in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER?

When I first heard the title of the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, my thoughts immediately went to Luke Skywalker, not Rey.

At the end of director Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker seemingly dies as he disappears. My thought on this is… what if he didn’t really die? It makes sense to me, and I’m sure a lot of other fans, that he actually ascended to the next level of The Force actually becoming even more powerful.

I know a lot of fans will be like “no shit Sherlock” but let me get this off my chest and explain what I’m getting at because I’ve been thinking and talking about it a lot over the past few days. First you can watch the clip from The Last Jedi:

Now, in the novelization of the The Last Jedi, it was revealed that Luke actually heard a familiar voice telling him to “Let Go” right before he disappeared. I assume that was Obi-Wan Kenobi because he said the same thing to Luke in A New Hope when he was in the middle of the Death Star trench run.

With Luke letting go and giving himself up to The Force, this sets him up for being even more powerful. I know you all remember when Obi-Wan told Darth Vader that if he strikes him down he would become more powerful than he could possibly imagine. Well Vader did strike him down after Obi-Wan set up to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

So, Luke was just following Obi-Wan’s example. Perhaps giving himself up to The Force and ascending to the next level was the final test for Luke, a destiny he may have been having an internal struggle with, maybe thinking he wasn’t worthy to move on after what happened with Ben Solo. But, then Rey comes into his life and reinvigorates him.

So, here comes The Rise of Skywalker. When I look at that title, I can’t help but think that Luke is going to rise up in a huge way. When I read my mind reads it as The Rise of Luke Skywalker. That he will return in a form that we have yet to see in an effort to continue to help Rey and her friends on whatever Journey that are embarking on.

After all, at the end of the trailer for The Rise of Skywalker we hear him say, “No one’s ever really gone.” That’s followed by the laugh of Emperor Palpatine, who must have ascended to a higher point in the Dark Side of The Force. I would love to see an epic battle between Luke and Emperor Palpatine in this movie! If they are both coming back in some form, it only makes sense to see that happen! Hell, what if he fights alongside Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan!? And wouldn’t it be cool if they were their younger selves!?

I hope that Luke Skywalker has a much bigger role in the story than we think. As we’ve come to learn in this new trilogy, a balance in The Force was never really achieved. The whole point of the Skywalker prophecy was to bring balance to The Force. The only way it makes sense for the Skywalker saga to come to a close is for that prophecy to finally be fulfilled by a Skywalker and I want that Skywalker to be Luke.

So, that’s my silly Star Wars rambling for the day. Feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions on the matter in the comment section below.

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