Did Steven Spielberg Pay Homage To THE GOONIES With Dennis Nedry's Wardrobe in JURASSIC PARK!?

It appears that director Steven Spielberg might have actually paid homage to The Goonies in Jurassic Park! A fan by the name of Shawn Robare noticed that the outfits the character Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) wore in the film all matched outfits worn by a few of the characters in The Goonies. You can see the side by side comparison image that he posted on social media below:

Could this just be a coincidence? Or was this done intentionally!? It had to be intentional! All three of Nedry's outfits almost exactly match what Mikey, Mouth, and Chunk wore in The Goonies. It's pretty crazy that after all these years, someone finally noticed this.

I would love to hear Spielberg's thoughts on this. Even if he wasn't really aware of it, the costume designers must have been! It's just too spot on. What do you think?

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