Did You Know There Was a Video Game Lock for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 80s?

Humor NIntendoNES by Joey Paur

Back in the 80s when kids were addicted to playing the Nintendo Entertainment System, parents needed something to lock their kids out of it so that they would do their homework.

Well, there was a video game lock invented for that by Master Lock! It was called Homework First, and it was marketed as “The First Security System For Your Nintendo.” It also came along with the following selling points:

  • Control when and how much time your family plays Nintendo

  • Great motivation for homework, chores, grounding, etc.

  • Installs in seconds no tools needed!

I don’t remember ever seeing one of these. I didn’t even know that they existed, but it’s pretty fun to see that something was actually invented to try and keep kids from playing on the NES.

Did you ever fall victim to this NES video game lock?

Via: Geeksaresexy

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