Did You See That? RWBY Vol. 6 Ep. 4


It’s that time of the week when we talk about the latest episode of RWBY for those fans who don’t have Rooster Teeth First. Please remember to not leave any comments with information about future episodes.


Not a lot happened in episode four of volume six. However, it had one of my favorite moments of the show. The entire show leading up to this episode leads us to believe that Ozpin always has a plan or two. He always knows what he’s doing, and we don’t need to ask questions because he knows what’s best. Episode 4 took that and showed us that Ozpin really is just the man behind the curtain. I freaking loved it! Most of the characters take design inspiration from the characters that they are based on and every now and then there’s more to it. I thought that they were doing a twist on The Wizard where he actually did know everything and was pretty much all powerful, and this episode shattered that idea and I loved it. What’s more is everyone’s reaction to this. Team RWBY is pissed that he’s been lying to them and taking them on this mission and it’s very understandable. But then there’s Qrow. Qrow has been backing Ozpin for years and standing up for him because he trusted that Ozpin had the answers. Then, when he learns the truth he’s pissed more than anyone else in the group and punches Ozpin (I feel bad for Oscar). That moment made the entire episode fantastic in my book.

One of the other things that happens is we start to meet this old lady that’s with them a bit more. She seems to just be a little kooky girl, but we all know there’s something more to her. We just don’t know what. One theory I’ve heard is that she also has silver eyes.

The final thing that happened was catching up with the villains after the attack at Haven Academy. We see that Hazel tries standing up for Emerald, who is reluctant to admit that the attack was unsuccessful because of Cinder. Of course, then Hazel mentions that Ozpin is leading the heroes and Salem tells everyone to get out, so she can scream and break everything with her raging scream.

Now, it’s theory time. Like I said earlier, not much happened, so I don’t really have many theories. One I do have, though, is that Emerald and Mercury are going to leave Salem. I also think there’s a small chance Hazel will leave as well. I think this will tie into Cinder forming her own gang or maybe becoming leader of the Spiders.

What did you think of the episode? Do you have any new spoilers? Was anything confirmed for you? Please remember to not post anything from future episodes in the comments.

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