Did You See That? RWBY Volume 6 Episode 12

Here’s the penultimate episode of RWBY’s sixth volume. We’re getting towards the end of the season which means things are getting interesting. As always, please don’t post anything from future episodes.

The fun continues as Ruby and friends fight the giant mech piloted by Caroline Cordovin. Oscar thinks he found a weakness, and just as they’re about to exploit it, it doesn’t quite work out which leads to some fast thinking by Ruby to disarm the mech in another, more creative in my opinion, way. However, with all the fighting happening, a lot of Grim show up including a new kind called a Leviathan. It looks like a Grim kaiju beast and it is absolutely terrifying. I personally saw more of a connection to Godzilla, but others I know suggested it was very reminiscent to this scene of the Death Saurer in Zoids. What do you think?

Let’s talk about Blake and Yang versus Adam. The fight is still cool and very meaningful. However, Blake still is given some terrible lines. I don’t know what has happened these last two episodes. I agree with the sentiment of the lines, but the actual words spoken are just poor in my opinion. Of course, Adam is killed, and I’m convinced he’s not coming back. His death was pretty definitive with two halves a sword impaling him from either side and then a crack as he hit the ground below. Of course, Bumblebee shippers now have all the feelings and I’m sure nothing could bring them down after these last two episodes.

We only have one episode left and there’s a freaking Leviathan to take down. I’m really excited to see where this season ends. Part of me is expecting Tyrian to show up along with all the Grim, but I’m not sure. I imagine we’ll see the gang team up with Cordovin to defend Argus, or Cordovin will fight the Grim and allow Ruby and friends escape to Atlas. What do you think will happen? Will someone die? I don’t think so personally. Not this season.

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