Did You See That? RWBY Volume 6 Episode 13

The season finale of RWBY’s sixth volume is available for non-Rooster Teeth First subscribers to watch for free. It was a pretty fantastic episode and has me very excited to see what happens in Volume 7.


Cinder and Neo have seemingly stolen a pirate ship and Neo can disguise it as an Atlas military ship. I think things are about to get crazy in Volume 7.

OK, so we go back to the Leviathan and other Grim about to attack Argus. Meanwhile, Cordovin’s mech has been disabled thanks to Ruby trying to not be killed by it. Cut to everyone deciding that they’re not going to make a break for Atlas, but rather stay and help fend off the Grim. The Atlas military of course refuses to help since they were flagged as hostile. This is fair.

To defend Argus, the military raises some shields which seems like a good idea except for one fatal flaw. The energy shield exists between posts that are unshielded which means the posts are relatively easy to take out. The Leviathan fires a blast of something, (fire? Energy?) and the shield seems to hold, but then as the blast is moved from side to side, it hit a post and destroyed it. This causes the shield to go down and people start getting worried. Ruby then comes up with a great plan to take down the beast. She flies around on Weiss’ summoned Lancer and goes to turn the Leviathan to stone with her silver eyes. There are a couple hiccups though. First, the military is refusing to back them up. Second, Ruby still doesn’t have complete control over this power of hers. This leads to the Leviathan not being turned to stone and almost blasting her until she cries out Jinn’s name which essentially stops time for a minute. Jinn is a little peeved that Ruby doesn’t have a question for her but is willing to let it go this one time. Ruby then is able to properly use her silver eyes to coat the Leviathan in stone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold for very long, but it’s long enough for Cordovin to come and help fight the beast. She then tells them that she’s got it covered and they should move on to Atlas. I hope we see her again. As the heroes approach Atlas, they see the giant air fleet hovering over the city and they are welcomed. Season 7 is going to be interesting.

The last part of the episode shows Mercury and Emerald being terrified as they watch Salem create some Grimm who are flying monkeys! If she doesn’t say “Fly my pretties!” at some point, they’re doing it wrong. Combine this with Hazel’s words, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” and we know we’re in for a treat.

I think the show only has about 2 seasons left if Salem’s getting involved. Also, when Ruby was trying to stop the Leviathan we see some memories of hers and at the end we see Summer Rose! That was exciting. I still wonder if Ruby will ask Jinn about Summer Rose at some point. This has definitely been a very strong season for RWBY and I hope it continues this way. What are your hopes for Volume 7?

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