Did You See That? RWBY Volume 6 Episode 5

It’s time to look at the latest episode of RWBY for fans who don’t have Rooster Teeth First. This post will contain spoilers, so beware. Also, please do not comment anything from future episodes.

Once again, not a lot happened this week, but it feels like it’s setting things up for the next episode or two. First, it was awesome to see Neo come back and do so freaking well against Cinder. There’s something about Neo that is just cool and fun. I was a little bummed though when she seemingly teamed up with Cinder again.

Second, we see some more of the fallout from Blake just leaving after the fall of Beacon and the hurt that Yang feels. Blake is clearly wanting to repair the relationship, and Yang is still very hurt. What’s even nicer about this part from a storytelling perspective is when Blake talks about protecting Yang if Adam ever shows up again. It shows there’s still a decent disconnect as many viewers know that Yang is the kind of person who never wants to feel like she needs to be protected. After all, she’s the protector.

Third, Ruby and Weiss are clearly not happy with their current situation. Outside of the unsettling nature of everyone in the town being dead, they are still processing everything that Jinn told them about Ozman and Salem. One thing I really appreciated was when they found all the alcohol and Ruby suggests they not tell Qrow about it. It’s small, but it’s really sweet to see Ruby deeply caring for her uncle and wanting to keep him from going off the deep end of alcoholism.

Finally, we have the old lady and Oscar. The old lady says she’s going to find a story to read, and there’s something about her that makes me believe she knows more than she’s letting on. One theory I heard was that she’s the winter maiden. I’m not completely sold on that theory, but I’m not ruling it out yet.

I don’t have any new theories from this episode, but we do know that there’s something in the cellar of the house they’re staying in. What could it be?! My guess is, whatever killed all the townsfolk.

Once again, please don’t be a jerk and post anything from future episodes.

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